TFB’s DayZ Survey Results

As some of you may be aware, a little while ago I shared a DayZ survey via my Twitter account with some questions about how users play DayZ or consume DayZ content. People RTed it and I got some varied responses.

This was mainly out of my own curiosity with the way current DayZ servers are heading. I had a decent number of responses (81), considering my limited Twitter following I thought this was an decent number of responses, obviously more responses is always better when collecting data. But we will work with what we received.
I’ve posted the results of the survey below, some of the results are expected due to the audience I was able to reach with my tweet, but still quite interesting non the less.


Q1. When watching a DayZ live stream, such as Twitch. What kind of streams do you watch or enjoy?

Q2. When watching DayZ content on Youtube, what kind of videos do you like to watch?

Q3. When playing DayZ, what camera type do you prefer to use?

Q4. When watching DayZ content, what camera type do you prefer?

Q5. How many hours have you played DayZ?

Q6. What kind of DayZ servers do you play on mostly?

Q7. When looking for DayZ content to watch, on Youtube or Twitch for example, do you:


Now these results are based of the current 0.62 build. I am CERTAIN these responses will change upon the release of BETA/0.63. The entire game is going to change, for the better, I for one can’t wait!

For complete transparency, you can view the results here.

Just finished installing Windows on my new PC and don’t have Adobe suite installed yet, so no ‘pretty’ header image, just a screenshot I took a long time ago in northern Chernarus.