TFB’s DayZ Survey Results

As some of you may be aware, a little while ago I shared a DayZ survey via my Twitter account with some questions about how users play DayZ or consume DayZ content. People RTed it and I got some varied responses.

This was mainly out of my own curiosity with the way current DayZ servers are heading. I had a decent number of responses (81), considering my limited Twitter following I thought this was an decent number of responses, obviously more responses is always better when collecting data. But we will work with what we received.
I’ve posted the results of the survey below, some of the results are expected due to the audience I was able to reach with my tweet, but still quite interesting non the less.


Q1. When watching a DayZ live stream, such as Twitch. What kind of streams do you watch or enjoy?

  • Below are the comments left in response to Q1 when people selected the ‘Other’ option. 

    • a mix between pvp, pve and survival, maybe a little rp too
    • I prefer a mix of PvP, PvE, and survival
    • I like a mix of PvP and Survival
    • A balanced mix of pvp and pve
    • A mixture of PVP, Survival and Roleplay encouraged playstyle i enjoy the most.
    • An equal mix of roleplay and PVP and survival is perfect
    • A mix of pvp, pve, survival and maybe a little rp.
    • murdering everyone
    • A little bit of everything
    • psychological manipulation in random player encounters
    • A combination of all the above.
    • And survival
    • Interactions, not necessarily RP oriented, but meeting other players in game.
    • Survival, PvE and Roleplay
    • All, not on content, on streamer!
  • I found the results of this question quite interesting actually. With over 50% saying the prefer to see survival aspects of the game, including hunting, crafting and player interactions (friendly and hostile). 
    When you consider that the majority of larger DayZ streamers appear to focus on PvP aspects (as in, just spawning, spamming some apples and running to a mil base to look for the abundant mil loot to get into some combat scenarios), it seems strange that there isn’t more popular streamers that don’t showcase some of the other awesome things DayZ has to offer.

    Personally I think part of the reason is because many of the more popular streamers and content creators are just unaware of many of the survival mechanics available. I’ve watched streams where people getting 200+ viewers (which I would consider high for DayZ) have had no idea about the simple things such as fishing, leather crafting or even the sickness/health system. 
    This has a trickle down effect, where the new DayZ players that start playing because of these streamers, never actually get to experience all of what DayZ has to offer, just because they haven’t seen it, which is a real shame. 

Q2. When watching DayZ content on Youtube, what kind of videos do you like to watch?

  • Below are the comments left in response to Q2 when people selected the ‘Other’ option.

    • all
    • PvP, Informational, survival, and instructional videos
    • i don’t need a specific topic when i watch DayZ videos.
    • A mix of all of the above.
    • Funny interactions
    • creative situations leading to unexpected outcomes
    • Again, interactions, a showcase of a characters life, not necessarily RP oriented
    • Content, Roleplay and Informational
    • All of the above
    • Car jumping 😉
  • Basically refer to the summary of the previous question, it is pretty much relevant for this question, except that roleplay seems to be enjoyed a lot more in a ‘non-live’ scenario. Which would make sense, a lot of the entertaining RP videos I’ve seen have been quite heavily edited. These are prob popular more so because of the creator and their talents, more so than the platform the used to visualise the story. 

    But overall, only 11.27% of responses indicated they preferred videos that ONLY contained PvP/combat. 

    The general consensus appears to point towards survival aspects and an over mixture of scenarios. 

Q3. When playing DayZ, what camera type do you prefer to use?

  • Fairly even spread of responses here based on how people like to play DayZ with camera perspectives. Hard to see any clear winner here, a larger sample of results would be needed

    But we all know how I feel about, DayZ, I won’t rant on about it here. 1PP for the win 😉 

Q4. When watching DayZ content, what camera type do you prefer?

  • On the other hand, these results are kind of interesting. When it comes to watching DayZ content, people with no preference over the camera angle is higher than for 3PP. Again results are a little to close to make a call here, but I love that 1PP got the highest response rate 😀

Q5. How many hours have you played DayZ?

  • How many hours have you played DayZ?
  • For all the people that completed the survey, nearly 60% have under 1000 hours of DayZ play time under their belt. When you consider the other responses of how survival appears that be the preferred play/viewing style, it could mean that newer players are taking the time to learn the other aspects of the game rather than just following the PvP/combat only trends. We can only hope. 

Q6. What kind of DayZ servers do you play on mostly?

  • This question was one I was keen to see the results of, and I wasn’t disappointed.
    There are a lot of servers that seem to cater to the ‘loot whores’ of DayZ, with constant persistence wipes to reset loot etc. The fact that almost 54% of responses prefer a persistent server, with the minimal amount of loot DayZ offers natively (still to much in my opinion) gives us a little hope. 

Q7. When looking for DayZ content to watch, on Youtube or Twitch for example, do you:

  • Below are the comments left in response to Q7 when people selected the ‘Other’ option. 

    • (Only browse for new DayZ content creators when your subbed/followed content creators haven’t uploaded anything new or aren’t streaming when you want to watch so DayZ content)
      mostly but occasionally i just randomly check out whatever pops up
    • watch the #DayZ hashtag for anything interesting, people should use the #DayZ tag more
  • Basically, if you stream/create DayZ content, please do the DayZ community and host/share content created by other DayZ community members. 21.52% of content viewers look for other DayZ content creators on their own, but the majority don’t and some will only check out other content shared/hosted by their favourite creators. 
    Share the love and help keep the DayZ content circle of life moving! Promote DayZ content from other creators. 

    I’m one of the people that rarely views DayZ content of people I don’t follow/sub. Mainly due to the fact I don’t have the time to search. But when a streamer I watch on Twitch hosts another DayZ streamer, I will usually watch it, and will generally follow them. Same goes for Youtube content, Twitter is powerful for Youtube content, when I see someone share a YT video on Twitter, I’ll usually check it out also. 


Now these results are based of the current 0.62 build. I am CERTAIN these responses will change upon the release of BETA/0.63. The entire game is going to change, for the better, I for one can’t wait!

For complete transparency, you can view the results here.

Just finished installing Windows on my new PC and don’t have Adobe suite installed yet, so no ‘pretty’ header image, just a screenshot I took a long time ago in northern Chernarus.

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