Pipsi Manhunt Event 28/10/16

Good afternoon fellow banditos!
Tonight, Pipsi is hosting a ‘Manhunt’ event on their first person server. Starting at 8pm AEST time, the aim of the game is to hunt down FubarBundy and his entourage of body guards. Including Vanguard, Boydy, and Hoplite. Who ever gets the last shot on FubarBundy before he dies is the winner!
I will be teaming up with Sentinal in the hunt for Bundy, live streaming on my Twitch channel from 7:30pm AEST.
Be sure to pop on over to my Twitch channel and watch us attempt to survival the FFA massacre that will ensue while the hunt for Bundy and Co fills the lands of Chernarus with blood thirsty mercenaries.

Details of the event are listed here (click here for deets).

See you all in Chernarus.