Event: Pipsi Manhunt #2

Good afternoon fellow gaming enthusiasts!
Recently Pipsi announced a followup event to their hugely successful Pipsi Manhunt #1, the second event (Pipsi Manhunt #2) will be happening next weekend on the 19th or November!
This time around, the target is VigilanteGamer, with body guards Boydy, FubarBundy & thatskippy. As per the last event, contestants must hunt down and either kill or capture Vigilante and get the code word from him, that is written on a piece of paper in his inventory.
Registrations have opened today, click here  for more info and to go to registrations page! Be sure to head on over there ASAP as spots are filling up VERY quickly!
This event I’m planning to be running with Sentinal, who I teamed up with in Manhunt #1, and will hopefully be joined by my mate Rage and maybe one other for a 3 or 4 man squad!
Pipsi Manhunt #2 is looking to be another very successful event, for all the other participants, best of luck, I hope to see (and kill you) in the event. For everyone else, I plan to be streaming the event again, so feel free to jump on over to my Twitch channel for some awesome Manhunt Action! I will do my best to provide an entertaining evening!

Thanks to the Pipsi team for hosting this event, I’m 110% certain it will provide even more action and entertainment that the last!

Peace out!