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Hello and welcome visitor! I’m Dale and I LOVE playing DayZ, I like to share my adventures around Chernarus, and I hope everyone will get some entertainment and enjoyment out of watching my videos and streams. 
On occasion I will play other games…but seriously, I’m always going back to play DayZ!
Please checkout my Youtube channel and subscribe to keep up to date with my new videos, also jump on over to Facebook and Twitter and follow me for updates on new videos and when I’m streaming. You can find links to my various social pages at the top of this website!

Thanks again for your support, if you have any feedback please let me know.

See you all in Chernarus! 


Recent News

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    Master Command List This is a static list of available commands. Please keep in mind, these are not all available at the same time. With the progression systemcooldowns are always a factor, while some unlock at different game stages, some block others, and some are part of groupings that mayrandomize daily for availability. Command Description#spawn_normal […]

  • Compass - A DayZ Podcast #1

    Compass – A DayZ Podcast #1

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  • TFB's DayZ Survey Results

    TFB’s DayZ Survey Results

    As some of you may be aware, a little while ago I shared a DayZ survey via my Twitter account with some questions about how users play DayZ or consume DayZ content. People RTed it and I got some varied responses. To anyone who watches and/or plays DayZ. I’d love it if you could complete […]

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    The DayZ Experience: End Game

    So here we are again with another chapter of The DayZ Experience. In this post, we expand on what we covered in the ‘I Call Bullshit’ post in terms of game play, and the experience DayZ players are missing out on. Let’s look at ‘The End Game’ of DayZ. End Game? Recently I watched a […]

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    The DayZ Experience: I Call Bullshit

    Welcome to part 2 of ‘The DayZ Experience’, in this part of the series we take a look at a few public opinions and perspectives of DayZ, and why I call bullshit on them. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part 1 of ‘The DayZ Experience’ here. ‘DayZ is dead’ is something I […]